National Designated Authority (NDA) / Focal Point for the Green Climate Fund


A National Designated Authority (NDA) is an official point of contact for communication with the Green Climate Fund (GCF). The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia nominated the Cabinet of the Deputy President of the Government of North Macedonia in charge of economic affairs and coordination with economic sectors as its NDA to the GCF.

In accordance with the requirements of the Green Climate Fund, the NDA is a competent authority with a high strategic function and is linked to the country's national budget, economic policies, development priorities and plans as well as sustainable development policies.

NDA responsibilities include:

  • Strategic oversight and ensuring that the GCF activities in North Macedonia are aligned with the national climate and sustainable development objectives and frameworks.
  • Convening public, private and civil society stakeholders to identify priorities to be financed by the GCF.
  • Engaging with public, private sector and non-governmental entities seeking GCF accreditation and nominating such entities for direct access accreditation.
  • Ensuring consistency of funding proposals with national climate change plans and priorities.
  • Leading deployment of the GCF readiness and preparatory support funding in the country.

In the process of development and implementation of GCF-funded projects, the accredited entities work together with national institutions and coordinate the process with the NDA in North Macedonia.

The NDA is the first contact point for the national entities, including public, private or non-governmental institutions, interested in accreditation with the Green Climate Fund. The NDA is also the focal point for approval of GCF post-accreditation support, i.e. Readiness support provided to build the capacities of Direct Access Entities that received GCF accreditation.

The NDA team

Currently, the NDA team is composed of qualified and experienced staff in the Sector for Economic Policies, Structural Reforms and Investment within the General Secretariat of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The team is fully functional and implementing different multi-sectoral tasks and activities aiming to support of the work conducted by the Cabinet of the Deputy President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, in charge of economic affairs and coordination of economic sectors.

Additionally, the Government has also appointed members of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning as part of the NDA technical focal point team, to provide expert advice on technical matters related to climate change. Moreover, according to the Coordination Mechanism established within the first Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme the NDA capacities when needed are strengthened with institutional support provided by the Ministry of Finance and the Secretariat of European Affairs.

Key activities and tasks of the NDA include:

  • Serving as point of contact for the GCF in the Republic of North Macedonia;
  • Managing coordination and engagement of stakeholders;
  • Oversight aligned to national priorities on GCF proposal development and accreditation;
  • Perform administrative checks of the GCF project ideas;
  • Close cooperation with GCF Accredited Entities to ensure commitment in development of full project proposals for GCF funding;
  • Announce calls for GCF project concept notes;
  • Issues nomination letters for direct access to the GCF;
  • Issues no-objection letters for GCF projects/programmes;
  • Endorses GCF readiness support
  • Submits to the Government proposals for co-financing of GCF projects’;
  • Disseminates information and works on awareness raising among key national stakeholders on GCF-related matters;
  • Ensures transparency of national climate funding according to GCF procedures.

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