The Toolkit for Private Sector Engagement in Climate Action was developed in the frames of the second project of the Republic of North Macedonia under the Green Climate Fund Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme ‘’Strengthening country capacities for climate change adaptation and mitigation and finalization of Country Work Programme for the Republic of North Macedonia’’, implemented by FAO under guidance and leadership of the Cabinet of the Deputy President of the Government of North Macedonia in charge of economic affairs, coordination of economic sectors and investments, as National Designated Authority to the GCF.

The toolkit serves as navigation across crucial terminology, concepts, experiences, and opportunities that should help private sector actors engage with climate action and climate investment. It contains info on climate change, threats, and opportunities for the private sector triggered by climate change, climate finance, climate technologies, and the roles of private sector actors in mitigating and adapting to climate change. The toolkit also guides private sector actors across the institutional and policy context related to climate action in North Macedonia.

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