Open Call for Applications of

Potential Green Climate Fund

Direct Access Entities

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia represented by the Cabinet of the Deputy President of the Government in charge of Economic Affairs as a National Designated Authority for the Green Climate Fund is calling on all interested public and private legal entities from the Republic of North Macedonia to participate in the country’s prioritization process for potential Green Climate Fund Direct Access Entities.

Deadline for submission of application forms: 21 December 2020.

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For questions about completing the application forms, please contact:

  • Name : Blagica Petrova
  • Email :
  • Phone : + 389 (0)76 319 506
  • Position : FAO National Accreditation Consultant

  • Name : Igor Slavkoski
  • Email :
  • Phone : + 389 (0)70 212 557
  • Position : FAO National Team Leader and Project Manager

Call for Applications of Potential Green Climate Fund Direct Access Entities

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia represented by the Cabinet of the Deputy President of the Government in charge of Economic Affairs as a National Designated Authority (NDA) for the Green Climate Fund announces an Open call for Submitting Applications from potential Green Climate Fund (GCF) Direct Access Entities (DAEs).

The Open Call aims to target potential Direct Access Entities that wish to be considered during the process of prioritization and selection of the most suitable entity that could support the country as Direct Access Accredited Entity by the Green Climate Fund, to develop, implement and/or oversee projects/programs funded with GCF resources in alignment with North Macedonia ’s GCF Country Program.

Who can apply?

This call is open for any public or private legal entity from the Republic of North Macedonia interested to participate in the accreditation prioritization process of candidate GCF Direct Access Entities. All interested institutions at national, regional and local level from stakeholder groups including academic institutions, national/local authorities, public and private companies, civil society organization (CSOs) and other legal persons with capacities and expertise for implementation of investments financed with external and/or domestic sources are eligible to apply.

The overall process to prioritize and select the potential DAEs in the Republic of North Macedonia, will be conducted following the four stages shown below:

  • STAGE 1

    Preparatory Stage & Public Awareness

  • STAGE 2

    Rapid Assessment

  • STAGE 3

    Gap Analysis & Roadmap

  • STAGE 4

    Accreditation Application

1.Public Awareness Campaign

1.1 Conduct awareness-raising workshop (Webinar 1) & socialized FAO Guidebook GCF Accreditation Process (GCF-AP)
1.2 Initial Mapping of stakeholders: long-list potential Direct Access Entities(DAEs)

2.Rapid Assessment

2.1 Conduct Webinar (Workshop 2), socialized & disseminate Rapid Assessment Forms(RA-Forms)
2.2 Review RA & prepare report: shortlist of potential DAEs
2.3 National Designated Authority (NDA) & Coordination mechanism prioritize 1 DAE for Gap Analysis

3.Gap Analysis & RoadMap

3.1 Institutional Gap Analysis
Commitment letter from DAE
Information gathering, working sessions & detailed assessment
3.2 Develop ROADMAP (Action Plan)
Include Gap Analysis report & Roadmap in Country Workplan
3.3 Coordinate with NDA issuance of Nomination Letter

4.Accreditation Application

4.1 Support DAE in completing and submitting GCF Accreditation Application Form in Online Accreditation System (OAS)
Working sessions with potential DAE

This Call refers specifically to Stage 2, which will aim at conducting a Rapid Assessment of all entities with potential to become GCF Direct Access Entities. As a final product, Stage 2 will provide a shortlist of the institutions with greater potential to become accredited and a recommendation to the NDA of the one (1) institution to be prioritized to move into the next stage under which a detailed Institutional Gap Analysis will be conducted and a Roadmap for GCF accreditation will be developed.

The Call for Applications is officially launched on 19 November 2020. Interested entities will have up to 10 calendar days, after the call is launched, to express their interest through the NDA website, in order to receive the application forms.

How to apply? Interested institutions should visit the following link APPLY and follow the provided instructions and guidelines to register and receive the Rapid Assessment Application Forms. Only entities/applicants that will register on the NDA website HERE will receive the required application forms enabling them to participate in North Macedonia’s accreditation prioritization process.


• To participate in the process, applicants need to register on the NDA website to receive the Rapid Assessment Application Forms. The link for registration is:
• To be considered, applicant institutions must submit the fully completed application forms before the deadline, including the following documents:

o Completed Rapid Assessment Application Forms (FAO/MCD-ACC-02 and FAO/MCD-ACC-03)
o Copy of a legal document proving the Applicant is registered or authorized entity to operate in the Republic of North Macedonia
o Copy of the Applicant’s bylaws and other documents on its corporate governance

Fully completed application forms and supporting documents, should be submitted to the email address:
1. What is the Green Climate Fund

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is a new global fund created by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to support the efforts of developing countries to respond to the challenge of climate change The main principle of the GCF, as a global fund, is to promote a paradigm shift to low-emission and climate-resilient development across the countries. Also read: The Green Climate Fund at a Glance

2. What are Accredited Entities

Accredited Entities (AE) are an essential part of the GCF business model, only AEs can submit funding proposal to the GCF. Their role includes developing and submitting funding proposals for appraisal and approval by the GCF and oversee and monitor the management and implementation of projects and programmes approved and financed by the GCF. To access GCF funds, applicant entities must go through a GCF accreditation process, designed to assess the entity’s capacities to manage the funds adequately and to safeguard funded projects/programmes in line with the GCF Accreditation Standards.

3. What are Direct Access Entities

Direct Access Entities (DAEs) are entities accredited under the GCF direct access modality, including subnational, national or regional entities, that have obtained a nomination from the NDA. They may include ministries or government agencies, development banks, climate funds, commercial banks or other financial institutions, private foundations and non-governmental organizations.

4. What is a Rapid Assessment Process

The purpose of the Rapid Assessment Process is to assess and prioritize the entities that have applied through this Call to be considered as potential DAEs. The Rapid Assessment Process shall result in a shortlist of those entities that present greater potential to become accredited, based on their performance and capacities for project/programme implementation.

The Application Form for being assessed through the Rapid Assessment process, based on which eligible potential Direct Access Entities will be shortlisted and further prioritized according to their capacities to potentially initiate the GCF accreditation process, consist of the following 2 (two) documents:

  • • Eligibility Assessment Questionnaire (FAO/MCD-ACC-02): The questionnaire consists of a blend of open and multiple-choice questions, which aim at getting to know the applicant entity, how the entity works, the main sectors or activities it implements, as well as information regarding its operations, standards, procedures, systems, among other useful information. The questionnaire is divided in eight sections, out of which seven (7) will be scored by the reviewers.

  • • Climate Change Project Portfolio (FAO/MCD-ACC-03): To understand the experience of entities designing and implementing climate change (mitigation and/or adaptation) project/programmes, a potential DAE will have to complete a Project Portfolio for the period comprising the past three years, providing detailed information on the type of projects implemented, financial instruments deployed, result areas, environmental and social risk category of the project, among other information.

5. How can I get support for completing the application forms?

When completing the application forms, entities can contact FAO national team, in case of any doubts or questions regarding how to answer the questionnaire, using the following contact details.

Blagica Petrova National Accreditation Consultant,
FAO country office in North Macedonia
Mobile: + 389 (0)76 319 506
Igor Slavkoski National Team Leader and Project Manager,
FAO country office in North Macedonia
mobile: + 389 (0)70 212 557