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Green Climate Fund handbook for North Macedonia

This Green Climate Fund handbook for North Macedonia introduces key facts about the Green Climate Fund (GCF). It aims to provide guidance to stakeholders engaged in the area of climate change and sustainable development on how to access GCF resources and implement GCF-funded projects in North Macedonia.

Stakeholder Engagement Factsheet

This factsheet presents the stakeholder engagement activities implemented in the frames of the North Macedonia’s first Green Climate Fund Readiness and Preparatory Support Project “Support for the management of an effective national coordinative mechanism regarding the Green Climate Fund” implemented in 2019 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, under guidance and leadership of the Cabinet of the Deputy President of the Government of North Macedonia in charge of Economic Affairs, as National Designated Authority to the GCF. The consultation with all relevant stakeholders in North Macedonia aimed to ensure that chosen GCF priorities are fully aligned with the national plans and strategies and other on-going efforts at national level.

Gender and Environmental and Social Policy of the Green Climate Fund

In carrying out its mandate the Green Climate Fund will effectively and equitably manage environmental and social risks and impacts, and improve outcomes of all GCF-financed activities, ensuring equal participation of women, youth, indigenous populations and other minority and highly vulnerable groups. This factsheet aims to familiarize relevant national stakeholders (institutions, government agencies, academia, private sector, civil society and international organizations) in North Macedonia about the Gender Policy and the Environmental and Social Safeguards of the GCF that should be applied in the GCF engagement process and project development.

No-Objection Procedure for Green Climate Fund Projects in the Republic of North Macedonia – Factsheet

The principle of Country Ownership is at the heart of the work that the Green Climate Fund conducts in the developing world. The GCF also recognizes that country ownership is a continual process, and that National Designated Authorities (NDAs) have a key role in driving institutional development and stakeholder engagement for establishing effective mechanism that addresses climate-related issues. This factsheet aims to familiarize all relevant national stakeholders in North Macedonia about the key aspects of country ownership in the work of the GCF, the GCF Project approval cycle and No-Objection procedure in North Macedonia, exercised by the NDA to ensure that financing through the GCF will be transparent, consistent with national climate priorities, strategies, plans, is country-driven, effective and leaves no one behind.
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